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Our aligners are transparent and so is our ethos

Invisible aligners straight to your door for up to 60% less.

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How it works

1. Make a great first impression

Take impressions and photos of your teeth with your Starter Kit from the comfort of your own home, no dental chair in sight. Our dental team will then customise a treatment plan just for you. It couldn't be any easier.

2. See your new smile

Take a peek at what the future holds. See what your smile will look like with a computer-generated model. Like what you see? Make it real life. It takes as little as 6 months. Just $2,499 upfront or as little as $111 a month.

3. Your teeth (and the stars) align

We deliver a complete set of custom aligners to your door. We even throw in complimentary retainers to hold your new smile in place. Need a little support? Our friendly Customer Care team have got you. We're here - any time.

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You've got options

Life's about flexibility. That's why we offer a couple of ways to pay.
Either way, you're paying up to 60% less.

Monthly Payment Plan

Want to spread things out?
Try our flexible monthly payment plan. No down payment - yes, really.

From $111/month
over 24 months

Single Payment

All about the here and now?
One all-inclusive payment. The best price. That's it.

All inclusive

Simply convenient, refreshingly affordable

It's not complicated. The beautiful smile you've dreamt of at the price you want. No hassle. No expensive appointments. No surprise costs. Ever. Straighter teeth. Straight to the point.

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A Sincere(ly) guarantee

Our aligners are transparent and so is our ethos. We do things Sincerely. That means no promises we can't keep. If our dental team don't believe they can achieve your dream smile, we'll 100% refund your money. What's there to lose?

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We don’t like to brag,
but our customers do

"It was so easy to use! Doing the teeth impressions at home was so much easier than I thought and the results are the best I could ask for. Such an affordable way to get perfect looking teeth!"
A sleek and straightforward experience. The at-home kit is easy to use and their expert team are on hand with any questions. I’m two weeks into my treatment and the trays really are invisible."
"Very happy with the great service and quality of this company. I have received my retainers and started my treatment a few days ago, I cannot wait to show off my new smile in a few months!"